Making Car Insurance More Affordable

Years ago, as soon as we turned 17, we were desperate to get onto the road. We were eager to take driving lessons and buy our first car. We saw driving as the road to freedom and independence. It meant that we could go where we wanted when we wanted. It meant that we were adults. Now, things are changing. Fewer young people are learning to drive, and those that take lessons don’t always buy a car until much later in life.

One reason for this is the growth in public transport services. Even in more rural locations, you can get a bus, and local tramways are widely available. Another reason is that young people have other things that they’d rather do. More people now go to university or college after school. They live with their friends and go out drinking whenever they want. They have independence and freedom without needing a car to give it to them. The main reason, however, is cost.

Life generally, is more expensive than it used to be, and many young people can’t afford to drive. Cars themselves are expensive, fuel costs seem to go up every day, and in the UK the average cost of insurance premiums in 2018 is £900. Much more for younger, new drivers. Fortunately, however, if you are keen to drive, there are some things that you can do to bring the cost of car insurance down to a more manageable amount.

Do Your Research

The biggest mistake that you can make with any insurance policy is either taking out the first one that you find or sticking with your current provider when renewal time comes around. Sure, it’s easy, but it’s also often much more expensive than other options.

Take the time to do your research. Use for help, compare as many policies as you can and change details on your application to find better deals.


Making Car Insurance More Affordable

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Add a Named Driver

If you’ve been driving for a long time, and have many years of no claims on your policy, adding another named driver can make things more expensive. But, as a newer driver, adding a more experienced driver to your policy can bring costs down massively. A parent or spouse is the best choice, but if you share a house with another driver, they might be another good option.

Change Your Profession

Answering the “what is your profession” question on your quote might seem easy. But, it’s more complicated than you think and it’s certainly worth trying out different answers. For example, a teacher might find their policy is more expensive than a tutor, or a music teacher. A chef might pay more than a catering assistant. Don’t lie, but think of all the ways that you could describe your job and try them out.

Use Your Garage

Think about where you keep your car. The safer it is, the cheaper your policy may be. If you’ve got a driveway or garage, use them. If you have a parking space at work, use it. If not, parking on the street outside your house is better than around the corner.

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