Making Yourself as Presentable as Possible

We all want to make ourselves look presentable. Whether that’s for work, a date, a catch up with friends, or a family event. But there are so many factors that play into this that we often miss areas and end up having a scruffy aspect to our final look. The good news is that, with a little focus and dedication, anyone can make themselves look presentable. Here are just a few different areas to incorporate into your process to achieve your desired look!

Managing Your Hair

How you manage your hair will depend entirely on what you have to work with and what desired look you’re aiming for. Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of scope here. If you favour being bald for the sake of ease, you may want to literally shave your head. If you like a short cut, you may be able to invest in a device that will cut your hair very closely to your head. If you prefer longer styles, you should book in with a barber or a hairdresser, who will be able to maintain the style you want. If you are thinning or balding and want a thicker and fuller look, you can consider hair transplants. Whatever you’re aiming for, there’s a solution out there. You just need to experiment with treatments, maintenance routines and different products that will all have an impact on your final look.

Making Yourself as Presentable as Possible

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Managing Your Facial Hair

Some of us grow facial hair. Some don’t. But if you do grow facial hair, it’s important that you manage it properly in order to maintain a well kempt appearance. Now, you don’t have to clean shave in order to look presentable. This is just one of your options. Longer beards can look great if this is a look you’re considering. You just need to make sure you maintain it well! Here are just a few styles and maintenance tips to help you along the way.

Freshly Shaved

Freshly shaved or “clean shaven” gives you a bare faced look. Some prefer it. Just make sure you shave carefully and use the necessary equipment. Invest in a high quality razor to avoid razor bumps and rashes. Use high quality shaving creams or foams and you may even want to consider exfoliating to reduce your chances of developing ingrown hairs when the hair begins to grow back.


Stubble can give a mature look and can give you an air of rugged masculinity. . Sure, it’s more casual than many other looks. But you can still look presentable when working it. Simply grow your beard out a little and then closely trim it. If you’re growing into it this look from a bare faced, close shave, it’ll come naturally. You just need to be patient. If you have a beard and you’re trimming down into it, simply use a good quality  beard trimmer with a short comb attachment. Once you have the desired length, you can shape your beard with a razor to remove hair in areas it may be unwanted.

The Lumberjack

The beard now often referred to as “the lumberjack” is essentially a traditional, full beard. This look has been growing in popularity over recent years, with many opting to pair it with slick, vintage style haircuts, or a “manbun”. Of course, you can’t achieve this look from clean shaven overnight. It will require patience. The amount of patience you will have to practice will largely depend on how fast your facial hair grows. Allow your beard to grow to a substantial length, but make sure you neaten it up along the way. Trim it to make sure it’s an even length using a beard trimmer with a trimmer guard that allows for longer styles. If your hair is prone to knotting, make sure to brush through it to prevent locking. Once you’ve grown your beard, you may want to carefully trim the hair around your cheekbones for a clean, straight finished look. Once you’ve got your ideal beard, maintain it well. You may want to invest in specialist beard maintenance products, such as washes or beard shampoos, waxes, and even beard scents.

Managing Your Style

Once you’ve got the basics under wraps, it’s time to think about what you’re wearing. It’s easy to head to a high street store and pick out something decent. You can check out the mannequins and see what’s paired together. Or you can even order an outfit from home, just taking a look at what the models on the site are wearing together. But of course, when you buy from major brands, you may find yourself picking up the exact same outfit as others. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you might want to look in more obscure places.

Boutique Stores

Boutique stores work in a similar way to high street stores. There’ll be multiple versions of the same outfit available. The difference is, there are a limited number available. Chances are less people are aware of boutique stores too, so less people will be shopping with them. This will be a great place to bag an alternative outfit!

Vintage Stores

Vintage clothing is any clothing that predates 1990. Vintage stores stock clothing from decades gone by. Generally speaking, the items will be brand new deadstock, or worn but in good condition. It’s always worth trying items on (as sizing has changed over the years) and to have a look at the item on for potential flaws. If you find something perfect with a minor flaw, try to secure it at a lower price and send it off for repairs or replacement zips or buttons. You can salvage minor breaks and problems.

These aren’t all of the areas of your appearance. You can focus on skincare, toning up, building muscle, or other areas. But the areas outlined above are a good place to start on your journey to achieving your desired aesthetic!

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