McCarrons Interview

A three piece indie/rock band from Halifax, The McCarrons are a band on the up. Influenced by the greatest of Brit rock and indie, their debut album ‘Whatever Next’ is on its way soon, so we thought it would be a good time to get to know them.


Michael McCarron – Vocals/Guitar
Louis McCarron – Vocals/Bass
Andy Farrell – Vocals/Drums

The McCarrons band

Question: Two thirds of The McCarrons are brothers Michael and Louis McCarron, how long have the pair of you been playing together before third member Andy came along?

Michael: We’ve been playing since we were ten or eleven years old. We were playing pubs and clubs up until about two years ago when Andy came along and broadened our horizons.

And how did you meet Andy?

Louis: We knew his two older brothers who were in bands and we needed a drummer so we just got hold of him!

Most of our readers won’t be familiar with The McCarrons – how would you characterise your sound and influences?

Michael: We’ve based the sound pretty much on Brit Pop and classic British bands. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who. We’re also big fans of the Mod scene, the likes of The Jam, The Specials, Ska. I would say we do take on every single style of music but these are the main ones.

And is that a common trait for bands in Halifax?

Michael: No I wouldn’t say so.

Andy: I think Halifax is quite a big town for music to be honest, so there’s all sorts up here. There are a lot of people coming out of Halifax who are indie musicians but there’s also heavy metal, scar. So there are all sorts here.

Louis: We get a lot of people at our gigs, so there are people who are into what we do, so hopefully we’re starting something.

‘Whatever Next’ is your debut album – how did it come about and how long has it been in gestation?

Michael: We started off playing covers but a lot of people told us to try writing our own stuff, and I always wanted to try it so that’s how it came about. So I’d say we started writing about two, three years ago. For the album we just started collecting songs together.

Louis: There are nine tracks on the album. There were originally ten, but one got dropped.

And why was that?

Louis: We weren’t happy with the sound to be honest.

Michael: It was sort of a last minute job so we weren’t happy with the recording or the sound, so we thought we’d save the song for maybe an EP later on or it could go on the second album.

The album is produced by Pete Maher (U2, Beady Eye, The Killers) – how did that introduction come about?

Michael: We’d recorded the album, and we wanted that professional sound, so we researched on the internet and came across Pete Maher. We thought that, if we wanted to sound professional, then we’d like to work with someone who’s produced the likes of U2, Beady Eye, Nicole Scherzinger, all the top dogs.

Louis: If you want the best you have to work with the best really, so that’s what we tried to do.

Michael: A lot has been put into the production side of the album, and 50% of it has been produced by ourselves too so it’s the sound we want. We also worked with a producer called John O’Halloran, a DJ who’s had some hits in the charts.

Just going back to the music scene in Halifax, where would you say are the top live venues in Halifax?

Andy: I would say The Last Drop. But you’ve also got Hebdon Bridge which is just outside Halifax which is a good place for musicians as well.

Finally, where are the best places to find you online?

You can find us at and search for us on Facebook and Soundcloud as well.

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