‘Midnight Sun’ – the debut album from MetaQuorum out now

As long term readers of this site will know, we enjoy championing things that could be construed as a bit unfashionable. So – instrumental, funk based electronic rock? Count us in.

The single above, ‘North Sea Fret’, is a track taken from the debut album of intriguing new band called MetaQuorum.

Based in the wilds of Northern England, the song and video are reportedly written to reflect the beauty of the band’s environment, and they do a very good job of doing just that. With some skilled musicianship and a few windswept vistas, the video drives home the point that this band are very much unlike anything else you might have heard lately, particularly on mainstream radio.

But don’t let that stop you, get stuck in and there’s plenty here to enjoy – from both the single and album, which you can hear/buy here.

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