Millennials and Motors- Why We Should Still Learn to Drive!

Learning to drive is an important life skill to earn, but more and more of us are putting it off. High costs of living combined with low wages, zero hour contracts and economic instability (making borrowing money harder) are all a few of the contributing factors. On top of this, as millennials many of us prefer to live in and around cities, where public transport systems are excellent but congestion on the roads means driving is difficult. This matches up with the research which shows that more and more of us are putting off driving until much later in life. If this is you, you’re putting it off and waiting for a sign then this is it! It’s a skill that can genuinely improve your life- here are a few reasons why.

Millennials and Motors- Why We Should Still Learn to Drive!


Freedom and independence

The transport system where you live might be good, but when you rely on public transport then you’re always at its mercy. A delayed train, a broken down coach or a missing bus could all mean you’re late for work, your meeting or to a social event you’ve been looking forward to. While it’s simple to navigate your way from A to B, if you need to get somewhere in the middle of the night, on a bank holiday, on a Sunday or any other time public transport isn’t running properly then you’re going to struggle.

Better job prospects

The reason many of us like to live in the city is because we’re close to work. We can walk into the city or catch a bus or the tube and the commute isn’t too much of a hassle. This is fine in the here and now, but what about in the future? What if you’re offered a job or promotion that requires you to travel or move further out? Once you’ve earned your driving license, you have it there ready to use in the future if it’s needed. Maybe you’ll choose to continue using public transport until you need it, or you might find you can get a good deal on a car from a site like London Motor Company. You’ll probably find that once you’re able to get around, you won’t look back.

A chance to get outside more

We truly are an ‘indoor generation’ which has negative consequences on both health and mental health. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, not really going anywhere or doing much because we’re tired after work and it’s a bit of a hassle. But driving makes it so much easier, you can pack up the car and drive to the countryside at the weekend, you can go and visit friends and family that live a little further out and you can say yes to more opportunities.

Driving lessons are a big investment in yourself, but they’re so worth doing. Even if you don’t need a car right now, you never know what the future holds so it’s something to consider getting done.

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