Motoring Roundup – 10.02.13

Toyota GT86 TRD edition

Toyota have announced the GT86 TRD Edition, its exactly the same car as the GT86 but with new front and rear bumpers, added side skirts and a new rear exhaust. No performance upgrades, nothing. For the privilege they are whacking on a £6k premium, raising the GT86’s price to £31,495!

Toyota GT86 TRD 3 Toyota GT86 TRD 1


VW Golf R Cabrio

VW have announced pricing for the 265 PS, 2.0 litre turbo, 155MPH hair wrecker. The Gold R Cabrio will achieve 0-62 in just 6.2 seconds, but at £38,770 i can think of quite a few second hand alternatives for that money!

VW Golf R Cabrio 2


VW Beetle GSR

To celebrate the original, and now highly collectable VW Beetle GSR, VW have announced 3,500 new shape Beetle GSR’s. Only 100 will be sold in the UK, pricing is yet to be announced. It will achieve 0-62 in 7.3 Seconds, has 210PS and 280Nm of torque, with a top speed of 142 MPH. Herbie would be proud!

Beetle GSR_01


Citroen Technospace Concept

Building on the success of many Citroen MPV’s over the last decade, Citroen have now released the Technospace concept. It will have low CO2 emissions of only 98g/km. To me it just looks like a squarer looking C4 Picasso, hardly revolutionary!

Citoren Technospace 2 Citoren Technospace 3


Fiesta ST start production

We covered Fords latest Hot Hatch the Fiesta ST a few weeks ago, well it has now gone into production. It is being built at Fords Cologne plant and will go on sale at the end of March, beginning of Aprril.

Ford Begins Production of Fastest-Ever Fiesta


Honda NSX Concept set for Geneva

Hondas stunning NSX concept will have its first European debut at Geneva in March. I cant wait to see more images of this NSX brand reboot.

Honda NSX Concept


DS3 Cabrio prices announced

Maybe one for the missus or your hairdresser this; but Citroen have announced pricing of its newest drop top, the DS3 Cabriolet. At £15,045 its pretty affordable, for top of the range you are looking at a about £20k which is rather pricey for a hatch, even if you can have the roof down.

DS3 Cabrio 2


Peugeot 208 GTi available to order

Peugeots latest Hot Hatch the 208 GTi will be available to order from March 1st. Starting at £18,895 it features a 1.6 THP turbo engine, and will achieve 0-62 in 6.8 seconds with 275Nm of Torque.

Peugeot 208 GTi

Mercedes C63 AMG “Edition 507”

If your in the market for a C63 AMG but have even more money to throw at one, you can now buy an “Edition 507” a higher specced AMG cash in. With 507HP and 610Nm of torque it wont be cheap when pricing is announced later on in the year. The latest edition adds an extra 50HP to the already ferocious C63 AMG, it will go catapult you form 0-62 in 4.2 seconds and have a limited top speed of 174 MPH.



Volkswagen Caddy Edition 30

VW this week have announced a new Chavvy Caddy spec, the Edition 30 adds such classy options as 17″ alloys, black roof, black roof rails, full white paintwork all over and a splattering of Edition 30 logos. Thankfully only 117 are being made so you are unlikely to ever see one. At £17,660 rising to £19,060 for the DSG gearbox you must be mad to buy one!



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