Motoring Roundup – 17.02.13

Clio Renaultsport 200 Turbo

Renault have released details of its upcoming hot hatch version, of the newly designed Clio. The Clio Renaultsport 200 Turbo. The 1.6 Litre Turbo engine, is capable of producing 200HP with 240Nm of Torque. It will achieve 0-62 in 6.7 seconds and weighs 30KG less than the outgoing model. Pricing is still TBC.

Clio RenaultSport 200 Turbo Front


Audi S3 Sportback

Audi’s latest version of the S3 will see a brand new version of the 2.0 litre TFSI engine. It will make 300PS and 380Nm of Torque. With 0-62 in a blistering 5 seconds when coupled with the auto gearbox. TOp speed will be limited to 155MPH. This version is 70KG lighter than the old S3. Uk pricing will be no higher than the outgoing model.

Audi S3 Sportback Front


VW Cross Up!

For some unknown reason somebody at VW thought it would be a good idea to make a plastic clad version of its popular city car the Up! With a taller ride height and plastic everywhere, your lucky that they are only currently going to release it for sale in Germany….the UK market is under consideration though!!

VW Cross Up Front


Lexus IS price announced

The new Lexus IS can now be ordered, and for a surprisingly good value of  £26,495. Rising to £38,495 for the top spec Hybrid.

SE, Luxury and Premier models are available in an 8 colour range. F Sport models are available in F Sport White and Ultra Blue, colours that are unique to this model.

Lexus IS White


Seat Leon SC

Seat announced the new Leon Sports Coupé this week. The three door only model has as much boot space as the 5 door version, and will be powered by a range of engine from 1.2 to 2.0 litre, with power ranging from 105 to 184PS. More info will be announced at Geneva.

Seat Leon SC Side 2


McLaren P1 interior

McLaren have once again teased us with a few more details on the new P1. The dash will be made of lacquer free carbon fibre, along with the floor, headlining, doors and switches. There’s no sound proofing and no carpet as standard, all to save weight!

McLaren P1 Cockpit-w1024


Alfa Romeo 4C to premier at Geneva

Alfa’s new 4C sports car will feature a 4 cylinder 1750cc turbo engine. It has a “scavenging” control system that rids the car of turbo lag, and a brand new twin clutch automatic transmission. It promises less than 4kg/HP, with the chassis made entirely of carbon fibre.

Alfa Romeo 4C Front-w1024


Mercedes A45 AMG

Mercedes are planning an AMG hot hatch, the A45 AMG will have 360 HP, 450Nm of Torque and will get to 62 in just 4.6 seconds. Its new 2.0 litre twin scroll turbo charged engine is the most powerful 4 cylinder engine on the market today. But dont expect it to be cheap. It will appear in the UK in July.

Meredes A45 AMG Front-w1024


Nissan 370z Nismo

After a very long wait Nissan have announced the 370z Nismo will be unleashed on the European market. With a tuned V6 engine the 370z now produces 344PS as opposed to 328, whilst Torque gets boosted to 371Nm from 336Nm. 0-60 doesn’t improve vastly at 5.2 seconds, but the re-engineered chassis and suspension set up, along with the wider rear tyres; should prove to be exhilarating!

Nissan 370Z Nismo 4-w1024


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