Motoring Roundup – 26.01.13

McLaren P1 gets shown on track!

McLaren showed off the stunning new P1 even more this week. Teasing the public with an awesome video of it on track during development.

The camo on this car just looks fantastic, they should release it as a option! Heres the video:


Aston Martin Rapide S debuts

With 550 BHP and 620Nm of torque Aston have beefed up the Rapide to make it the Rapide S. This latest model fully replaces the Rapide, and includes a raft of upgrades and extras.


Kia to announced new Urban Crossover concept

At the Geneva Motor Show, Kia will be announcing its first ever Urban Crossover car. A concept at this stage and looking quite similar to Nissans Juke, it will be interesting to see if it makes it to production!




Volkswagen Touareg R-Line announced

Volkswagen have revealed the new R-Line trim level. Based on the already well-equipped Touareg Altitude, the Touareg R-Line adds luxurious extra equipment and unique R-Line styling cues, together worth over £4,000, for a premium of just £750 – thats what i call a bargain. It looks very similar to Porsche Cayenne Turbo!



Nissan Lead gets cheaper

Nissan have announced a price reduction of its Leaf model. The reduction of £2,500 brings the total down to £23,490 including the government incentive. That equals to just £239 a month. Great news if you need an earth saving eco car!



Audi Autonomous cars at CES

Audi will be showing off Autonomous cars at CES this month. They have two types of technology. One will park your car automatically with the use of a smart phone app. The other allows the car to drive itself in traffic, allowing the driver to do other things…..*cough*



Rolls Royce shows off its new Coupé

Rollys Royce have teased an image of its new Ghost based Coupé the Wraith, the full launch will be in March at Geneva.



Fiesta finally goes Hot Hatch

After years of waiting we have finally been given the Fiesta ST, a hot hatch version of the popular small car. It will come in two trim varients, ST and a top of the range ST2. Starting prices are from £16,995 raising to £17,995.

Ford Fiesta ST_01

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