#MusicalMemories: Dawson Reigns

Dawson Reigns returns with the awesome anthem The Night Ain’t Even Over Yet. The Canadian born, Nashville based country songsmith shows a rockier edge to his sound on this Semisonic meets New Radicals alt pop rock earworm. We caught up with him to find out a little more about his music inspirations ahead of his UK tour with The Rising and Gary Quinn.

What song reminds you most of your childhood?

I guess the one that does pops to mind right now would be Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield. I was at a pub recently with friends and this song came on and literally the whole place started singing and playing air guitar! So random but so cool to see a song have that kind of effect on people still today.

Which song inspired you to become a musician/singer?

Not really a song but all the great music I grew up with and the great artists that gave them to us. Hearing new music from so many artists year after year had a great impact on me as a singer and performer.

Which song do you wish you had written?

Imagine by John Lennon. One of the most amazing songs ever written and performed.

Which artist/band has been the most inspirational to you?

Garth Brooks. He’s the reason I’m in county music.

Which song/album currently dominates your attention?

25 by Adele. She’s amazing! She has a hit record, goes away for years and comes back with an even bigger hit record. So much respect for her.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

If I could collaborate with anyone it would be either Joe Elliott, Ed Sheeran or Keith Urban…or all three!

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