#MusicalMemories: Me For Queen

Me For Queen is the alter ego of Mary Erskine, a folk-tinged singer/songwriter who is about to steal your heart with the delicate beauty Jessica. A song that grabs you at the very core and refuses to release you, Jessica is a song that you will never forget. We caught up with Mary to see what songs have had a similar impact upon her.

What song reminds you most of your childhood?

Donald Where’s Your Troosers

Which song inspired you to become a musician/singer?

Specifically singing: I saw a lady called Hayley Glennie Smith play (supporting M Ward) at the Bush Hall in my 1st year at uni. That ended up being the first song I sang in public at an open mic night after I sang it to my good friend (and bassist) Nick, while forcing him not to look at me while I sang as I was too embarrassed.

Which song do you wish you had written?

Too difficult. This year I heard Kathryn Williams sing her song “Beating Heart” live – it was the first time I heard it and it just came over and grabbed me and will stay with me forever more.

Which artist/band has been the most inspirational to you?

Bjork, probably. Overall. In terms of how completely obsessed I became in a quite short space of time.

Which song/album currently dominates your attention?

No one in particular. I’m looking forward to listening to some of Regina Spektor’s more recent stuff since I saw her a few weeks ago.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Brian Eno or David Byrne sound fun.

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