Naomi: The UK’s next big star?

A potential star in the making, Naomi is a young UK songwriter whose new EP ‘Take Back The Power’ has a chance of being a hugely exciting release. Showcasing a sleek, modern pop-soul sound, the EP marks the latest move in a journey which is already seeing Naomi featured on national radio, TV and in the press.

It’s thanks to a very unique combination of circumstances, starting with a GCSE composition which was so high in quality she was asked to perform it on ITV’s Daybreak. From there, the ears of the industry pricked up and a crack production team got involved, including John McLaughlin (Busted, 911, Westlife), Dave Thomas (Echo And The Bunnymen) and Jud Mahoney (Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown). Undoubted heavyweights in the industry, they have worked with the already accomplished Naomi to realise her musical ambitions, and with the new EP coming very soon, 2016 could be her year.

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