New album – Max Restaino, ‘The Time It Takes’ + UK Tour with Rebecca Ferguson

If you judge an independent artist by the company they keep, then Max Restaino is perhaps the most promising UK artist on the rise at the moment. Based in Sheffield, the precocious 20 year old already has a host of experience under his belt, having worked with the likes of Gary Barlow, Olly Murs, Geri Halliwell and more. Even his new album, mostly self-written, has a single track written by someone else – Lazzy Van Kriedt, the original ACDC bass player!

 It just goes to show how good the young man’s reputation already is, and today sees the release of his new album ‘The Time It Takes’.

Filled with catchy pop tunes like the one above, the album is a great introduction to an artist who is already making bg waves in the industry. He’s also just about to start a national tour with Rebecca Ferguson, and it won’t be long before he’s headlining tours like this himself.

So bookmark him now, so you can tell your friends you found him first –

Check out his album preview video here:

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