New alt-rock EP out now from E Mute

E Mute coverWith the full title of I Can Pay For It: A Collection of Songs for the Current Political & Socio-economic Crisis’, you get an indication as to the leanings of the new four track EP from songwriter Theo Mak and his musical project E Mute.

Scathing, cynical and at times satirical, the new EP is a gritty look behind the curtain of current affairs from the point of view of the disenfranchised. With the advent of social media, it’s clear that there’s a vocal majority/minority out there who are unhappy with the status quo – and it’s clear from these four tracks that E Mute wants to have a say as well.

Wrapped an an alternative rock feel, the lyrics are eloquent and regularly right on the money. Many will relate to what’s being said here, and any that don’t might just enjoy the musical accompaniment anyway.

Hear ‘I Can Pay For It’ on Spotify

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