New EP online now from The Rebel Scientist, ‘Never Stop Waiting For You’

Rebel-Scientist-800x400If ever you wanted a songwriter who is clearly passionate about his music, then the new four track pop treat from The Rebel Scientist is for you. EP ‘Never Stop Waiting For You’ is out now on iTunes and Spotify, and is created by a writer who not only tours the world playing music as a session musician, but plays upwards of 200 gigs per year doing so.

Music is very much the first love of The Rebel Scientist, and that comes across well over the course of the four tracks on offer here. As a guitarist and producer, the writer himself has delegated vocal duties to four separate vocalists over the course of the EP. This has two positive effects.

First, each track is given it’s own sound and feel by the change of vocalist. But second, it seems to free up The Rebel Scientist himself to do what he does best. Each track is permeated by some lovely guitar lines and melodic ideas, lending this EP one of the most unique pop sounds you’re likely to hear on the independent scene.

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