New ‘Fearless’ single from female songwrite Dielle

There’s something timelessly compelling about the sound of a piano and vocal pushed together in the bare bones of a song, very similar to that of just an acoustic guitar and vocal. Something pure about the sound that simple chords and a vocal can make.

Such is the case for ‘Fearless’, the latest single from Dielle, and also the title of her album – released earlier this year.

The song is slow, thoguhtful and comprises almost exclusively piano and vocal, with a few touches for good measure and variation. It typifies Dielle’s conscious effort to move towards a sound that is more bare after a previous producer tried to overload her songs. No, this is just a melody and the chords that underpin it, performed well and with a strong, confident voice.

‘Fearless’ is available now on iTunes and you can find out more at

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