New single: Jess Thristan – ‘From Me To You’

One of the key things any artist needs to do when releasing a cover version of a song is to give it a completely new feel without losing too much the quality of the original. That’s even more important when the song you’re covering comes from perhaps the most loved band of all time, and remains one of their best loved hits.

In covering The Beatles’ ‘From Me To You’, Jess Thristan does a fantastic job of walking that line. The jangling guitars of the original are nowhere to be found, the upbeat jauntiness is expelled, and the slow piano opening sets a very different tone to proceedings.

However, the simplicity of the lyrics and chord pattern offer the chance to make a great new arrangement, and in this case Jess Thristan has released a cracker of a cover. It is out from November 27th, and will also be present on the album, which is certainly one to look forward to.

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