New single out now from Allan Rose – Be Mine?

According to the accompanying press pack, Allan Rose is a former classmate of Adele, but clearly their teacher allowed both to express themselves in very different ways. “BE MINE?” is an upbeat electro number, with some 90’s overtones.

Borrowing some elements from classical and traditional styles of music – Hand claps and harmonised chanting are very prevalent at the start of the track – gives a unique feel that isn’t often heard in this genre, and helps the track stand out from the crowd.

There is some good solid production work on show here, and an intelligent layering of elements – including a throbbing bass line – gives a rich and varied texture to the track, and really drives the song into the choruses, with their catchy hook “You got me dancing”.

If there is one criticism to be levelled, it would be that the bridge section feels incongruous, almost as though it was added to the song as an afterthought. This is mainly due to the drop-off in the aforementioned throbbing bass, and the introduction of the
strings. The pre-chorus and chorus itself that follow suffer as a result, and leave the listener guessing.

Although perhaps not an instant club hit in its own right, the song feels as though it has the potential to be remixed to great success. The hook on the chorus (“You got me dancing”) is certainly catchy, and in general it’s a real foot-stomper of a tune that should only
do well with fans of electro/dance-infused tunes.

Words by Michael Tetlow

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