#Newalbum: Nine Beats Collective

Produced by a huge collection of creatives, artists and activists from all around the world, ‘Nine Beats to the Bar’ is a new album coming very soon from the expansive and talented Nine Beats Collective. An extensive collection of songs and poetry, the release takes a look at today’s political and cultural climate through the framing device of ancient biblical verses known as ‘the Beatitudes’.

Touted as a ‘counter-cultural’ release, this album is a unique window into the thoughts and ideas of all those involved. Spanning an impressive 26 tracks, it’s something of a must-listen. Having heard the full release, it is by turns compelling, frightening, enlightening and uplifting as each artist takes their turn to have their say.

Truth be told, this is unlikely to be troubling any top 40 charts anytime soon thanks to its unusual contact. But this might just be one of the most immediate and essential listens in some time – even if it’s just the once.

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