#NewMusic: Brielle Von Hugel, Mario Jose & Michael Mancuso cover Clean Bandit’s ‘Symphony’

One of the UK’s most played tracks of 2017 so far, Clean Bandit’s ‘Symphony’ has been a hit of epic proportions for the synth pop specialists. With a distinctive style and an infectious chorus, it’s a song ripe for the covering – which is exactly why American Idol finalist Briell Von Hugel gravitiated towards it. Collaborating with two men who have special vocal talents in their own right, Von Hugel is part of a brilliant cocktail of song choice and co-vocalists.

Mario Jose (a well travelled session musician) and Michael Mancuso (no stranger to vocal arrangements due to an A Capella specialism) bring huge depth not just in tone but in talent. It makes for a great blend, and one which deserves to throw a spotlight on all three performers.

The new arrangement is fun, giving ‘Symphony’ a fresh coat of paint which (whisper it) arguably improves on the original..

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