Nude set to release ‘Oh My Lady’ single on March 24th

Off-kilter four piece release single from ‘The Rockfield Live Demonstrations’ EP

 With an upbeat indie-soul sound, Nude are a four piece set to explode onto the UK scene with debut single ‘Oh My Lady’.

The single – a pacy, technically astute track with a solid mixture of rhythms melodies and distinctly reedy-tight vocals over light guitar licks – is taken from a collection of recordings captured at Rockfield Studios in Wales. For two days the band worked hard to create a clean, studio sound to compliment their more raw, live sound, and the results have been brought together for debut EP ‘The Rockfield Live Demonstrations’, tracks from which can be found on their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Having come from all over the UK to the Northern College of Music in Manchester, the four members of the band each have their own backgrounds and influences which feed into the band’s positive indie sound. They also each come with unusual stories which hint at an offbeat creative collaboration between the band members.

Bassist Frank Morgan (Cardiff) once fell down a shallow mine outside of Newport only for his bass to break his fall and potentially save his life. Meanwhile drummer Will Jaquet (Edinburgh) turned to music when a promising football career with Celtic Youth FC was cut short thanks to a number of consecutive red cards, while vocalist Inigo Ford (London) has his placenta bottled in formaldehyde at home and is also the grandson of author Beryl Bainbridge…. Finally, and perhaps less frightening, guitarist Jonny Smale (Manchester) has previously supported Ian Brown with former band Carpe Diem, playing with elusive Manchester drum legend ‘Funky Si’ Simon Wolstencroft (The Fall, Ian Brown and original member of what were to become The Smiths).

It all makes for an interesting cocktail of input for this promising UK band. You can find them at a number of gigs in the UK and Europe in the coming months:

Gig Dates

21st February – The Betsey Trotwood, London

28th February – The Royal Oak, Manchester

7th March – Park Range, Manchester

29th March – The Deaf Institute, Manchester

8th April – Dynamo, Zurich

18th April – The Troubadour, London

25th April – RNCM Opera Theatre, Manchester

18th June – Cambridge University Summer Ball


For more Nude information, please contact [email protected] or call 01223 844 440

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