Office Food Saints And Sinners


When it gets to lunchtime and the office is full of rumbling stomachs; there are bound to be a few interesting eaters. Whether it is food with a stench or nouvelle cuisine snacks, every workplace will have the saints and sinners of food.

Smelly Snacks

Perhaps the worst crime of all when you are in close proximity of other people is strongly scented food. There is a fine line between the fragrant and the pungent. The worst offenders include blue cheese, onion, garlic and anything else that has a scent is strong enough to burn your nostril hairs. As nice as it is to stray away from the mundane sandwich, eau de Gorgonzola probably isn’t going to be the next big thing!

It is always nice to smell something delicious while you’re at work. With any luck it is made by the office master-chef who loves to share. They are one of the office food saints and the angelic counterpart to the pungent food lover. This is the person who can really cook and loves to let everyone be their taster.

Munchers and Crunchers

With more and more people too busy to take a break at lunchtime, it seems the majority of office workers have to gobble their lunch at their desk. Now, imagine the scene, you are busy at your desk working, and right in your ear is the sound of your neighbour ferociously scoffing crisps. Bearable at first but when the whole office starts chewing away at the same time it can get a little frustrating. Loud eaters are said to be at the top of the list of common office annoyances and are some of the worst office food sinners.

When the office is liberally supplied with sweet treats, however, the loud eaters become lost in the groans of happiness that sugar and chocolate can induce. The office saint who brings along a banquet of cakes, biscuits, chocolates and pastry is always welcome. After all, everyone deserves a treat when they have been working so hard!

Tipsy Lunches

Finally, not so much a sinner but more a spectacle to behold is when the bosses get back from their ‘meeting’ in the pub. There will be a lot of rosy cheeks, slightly wobbly walking and over friendly compliments about what great employees everyone is. Hopefully they order a few treats for the office and by the next day you’ll be up to your necks in cupcake boxes and chocolate selections.

So all you smelly food lovers and noisy devourers think of your fellow colleagues next time you opt for extra crunchy crisps or a bit of Stilton. Those of you who are the talented chefs and delight suppliers, well, keep doing what you are doing!

Do you have any food friends and food foes of your office?

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