One to watch – Pop songwriter Riez Purba

With a knack for a catchy tune and an infectious chorus, Riez Purba is a songwriter from Sunderland who is looking to build a career in music. So far, he’s going the right way about it – it always starts with good music (or at least it should) and this brand of contemporary pop with more than a little Darren Hayes/Savage Garden to it is a very strong start.

‘Heartbreak Never Felt So Sweet’ is a relateable song about realising that you’re better of without your ex, and it helps that the lyrics come wrapped in a very well constructed dance beat. The smooth vocal is perhaps where the comparisons with Darren Hayes come across most, with the melody lines a close second. And this is excellent popular music for the same reasons as Hayes’ was back then.

If this is your cup of tea, you can follow Riez Purba as he aims to make his way through the rounds of Open Mic UK, an annual singing competition which currently features him in its North East regional final. If he can get through that round, this young songwriter will be well on his way to making a real opportunity for himself – and a deserved one judging by this early effort.

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