Out today: New album from Lucy May (new single coming soon too)

Lucy MayFeaturing 11 tracks of slick, crowd pleasing country pop, the new album from UK prospect Lucy May is out today. Having been on the radar with BBC Radio 2 and others since previous single ‘Paper Heart’, May is an artist on an upward trajectory who fills a gap in the current UK market. With folk, roots and country music having something of a resurgence around the world, the time is right for a UK based artist to strike.

It helps that all 11 tracks on this album are instantly accessible. Whether it’s a heartfelt, lovelorn track such as upcoming single ‘We Got It’, or the more upbeat, pop laced numbers, each song is based on a real-life situation which fans can relate to.

The songs work on several levels too. On the surface, they will appeal to casual listeners thanks to their excellent, clean production, but those who look deeper will find more to it. It’s clear that these are lyrics that mean something, with the arrangements put together to put the emotion of each song over even further. It all makes for an album that grabs you on first listen, but also has the ability to reel you in each time you press play.

All in all, it’s an exciting time for Lucy May, and we wish her all the luck she deserves.

(In case you missed it first time around, here’s Lucy May’s last single and album title track ‘Whirlwind’:)

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