Philip Murray Warson flies the folk flag with free downloads

It’s been a few years now since the arrival of Marcus Mumford and his Sons made folk music ‘cool’ again (at least until it became ‘uncool’ to like them because they got popular). Since then, a number of pretenders have come and gone, and even the band that started it all have meandered off in a rockier direction.

However, one artist with the potential to revive the revival is Philip Murray Warson, a UK songwriter whose recent EP turned a lot of heads. Trying to keep that momentum up, Warson has added to his release tally with two free downloads (both available now on Bandcamp and Soundlcoud). ‘The Trees They Grow So High’ and ‘The Falling of the Leaves’ further cement Warson’s reputation as a fine music maker, and if anyone has the potential to pick up where he UK folk revival tailed off it’s this young man.

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