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We here at unfashionablemale love nothing more than all things back to basics men enjoy like cars, good food, good music and sport. We arose as a place of refuge against the X-Factor watching, ear ring wearing, hair straightening males out there.

However that’s not to say we are afraid to tackle the important questions our existence begs to be answered. Here at Philosophers Corner we will aim to tackle these subjects and provide different opinions as food for thought.
Having recently read, ‘The Sacred Balance’ By David Suzuki & ‘Leaderless Revolution’ By Carne Ross, the first topic I would like to open for discussion is Capitalism & Democracy. Do we live in a true Democratic Society?

Cover of "The Sacred Balance: Rediscoveri...
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Is the voice of the ordinary man truly expressed by the powers that be? Over the coming days I will be posting arguments from supporters of both sides of the divide along with giving you the chance to engage by offering your views and opinions.

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