Phoebe Reynolds to Release Brand New Singles ‘A Little Rain First’ and ‘Elizabeth’

Fresh from John McLaughlin’s studio, Phoebe Reynolds is ready to release her brand new single ‘A Little Rain First’.

Despite her age – just fifteen- Phoebe Reynolds has learned to find inspiration in even the darkest of situations. After her father leaving the family when she was just thirteen, Phoebe found herself floating in the dark, rough waters of depression. For months on end it seemed to those around her she was lost to them but thanks to her passion for music and feisty personality, Phoebe began to channel her feelings into composing which has led her to where she is today.


Elizabeth’ is Phoebe’s first of the two singles. Written about a close friend of hers, the song tells the story of a girl who loses her mother to cancer at the tender age of five. Although she had never met her friend’s mother, her strength and colourful outlook on life inspired Phoebe. After much care, attention and thought the finished product was ‘Elizabeth’, a beautiful combination of faultless guitar playing and soft, soothing vocals with touching lyrics and an overall meaningful message.

A Little Rain First’ is Phoebe’s second single, yet another track that’s difficult to fault. Written on a summer’s day in the warm August sun, Phoebe set to singing about her crush. This time, taking inspiration from a dream she’d had the night before she weaved her narrative, painting pictures of a boy and a girl sharing ice cream, a smoothie, holding hands and going on long walks together in the sun. In her own words, it was “the perfect day!” With an equally beautiful message, in order to have a rainbow you can’t just have sun, you have to have ‘A Little Rain First’.


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