Planning An All Night Gaming Session With Your Buds? Check This Out First!

Finally, the launch date has arrived, and you will be getting your hands on the game of the year! Of course, the best way to celebrate this is to gather up your mates and play for as long as you possibly can, all night if possible. But wait, before you commit to a gaming all-nighter, make sure you have everything you’ll need to enjoy the experience in place. A topic you can get some more information on in the post below.

Food and Drink

Food is essential if you are going to be gaming all night. In fact, it’s likely that your mates will expect to be fed and watered if they come over. Although, if you are lucky they might chip in for the pizza, or even bring some vittles to spread the cost.

Naturally, when gaming, ensuring you have all the proper food groups covered is vital. We are talking here, of course, about crisps and savoury snacks, pizza, candy, and caffeine. After all, you will want the energy to stay as sharp as possible, when playing no matter what time of night it is.

Although, if you are trying to eat a little heather, there is no need to lose your edge. This is because there are now pro gaming supplements like Kamikaze on the market. A product that contains no sugar but will still keep you as alert as possible for you all night gaming sessions. Something that can give you that extra advantage to make sure that your shots are on target every, single, time.


As any serious gamer knows having the right equipment is vital for a more extended sessions. That means investing in things like rubber grips for gaming pad joys sticks to ensure that every move you make is tracked and converted correctly to the character you are playing.

Also, don’t forget that latency can cause you significant issues when gaming. Especially if you are using a popular server and a game has just been released. To that end investing in wired connections for your controllers can help to avoid this altogether. Then they’ll always be charged as well so you won’t have to buy 4, even if only two of you can play at a time, just to ensure that there are always enough charged to continue playing.


Believe it or not, computer game manufacturers are under stricter time constraints than ever these days, and this often leads to them putting out a game that is less than perfect, and on occasion not even finished!

Of course, the idea is that they can just create a patch for any problem that arises. Something that often means the first thing your game wants to do when you install it is run a really long update!

Obviously, this can ruin your planned games night, especially if it’s one that is going to take hours. To that end, if you want to play straight away, it may be worth turning off auto update on your system, at least until everyone has had their first go! Then you can update the whole thing while watching reviews and walkthroughs on another device so the wait won’t be as painful.

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