Professional Truck Driver Turned Musician Herrington Codner to Release ‘Real’

Professional driver by day, musician by night, Herrington Codner prepares to release his third studio album.
After being moved from his birth place, Jamaica, all the way to Canada Herrington Codner found inspiration in everything from his beliefs to his surroundings. Codner has always been surrounded by a range of musical genres, from his rocker friends at school, his extended family full of reggae fans to his insight into the classical world at the Ontario Conservatory of music.


Having taken influence from all of these genres and more, Codner refuses to sit in just one genre himself, incorporating bits and pieces from all walks of the Earth to create his own style he likes to call “ragwire”. In order to allow him to release his own work as well as that of other artists with similar or interesting tastes, Codner set up his very own record company- CenterLane Records. ‘Real’ is Herrington Codner’s third studio album, most of which was written and developed on the road.
Opening with the track that gave the album its title, ‘Real’ it sucks you in with Codner’s reggae style vocals, sweet riffs and catchy beats, ‘Real’ sets you up well for the tracks to follow. Listening to the lyrics it becomes clearer and clearer that Codner’s influenced by his beliefs and surroundings, especially when listening to tracks like ‘Hero’ and ‘Real’. With distinct reggae style vocals combined with some old-school-style rock and roll riffs, Herrington Codner is certainly a shining example-and pioneer-of the ragwire music scene.

For more information contact Vicky Berry on [email protected] or phone 01223 844440.

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