R&B Singer-Songwriter Sheila Gordhan to Release New EP

No Lies’ is the breathtaking new EP from UK R&B/soul singer-songwriter Sheila Gordhan.

Fusing soulful music with catchy melodies, Sheila Gordhan has been penning material since early 2005. Influenced by the likes of Sade, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson, Sheila’s eclectic background has seen her craft her own niche within the R&B/soul genre. The multilingual London based singer – who speaks 5 languages including French, German & Hindi – experienced early successes with her debut single ‘Teasin’’. Released through India’s label ‘Music Today’, the video was shown in countries all over the world, including channels like MTV India, Channel U and B4U. This exposure led Sheila to being scouted for Miss India UK, where she wowed judges with a medley consisting of her own song ‘World Stood Still’ with ‘Killing Me Softly’. Following this Sheila got the chance to perform with soul artist Omar, further exposing her music to the world.

1097958_218282561662499_883237698_nA varied career to say the least, Sheila’s experiences have directly influenced the music she makes today. The new five-track EP ‘No Lies’ showcases her distinctly cool, chilled out soul sound. The title track sees Sheila’s catchy vocals weaving above a funky bass line, as piano, synth and percussion neatly intertwine. DJ Ramsey’s mix of ‘Smile’ is a more upbeat, lounge electronica track whilst ‘Don’t Go’, a collaboration with dancehall legend Tippa Irie, fuses Gordhan’s soul with a ragga edge. A bonus version of ‘Smile’ is also included, which sees Sheila singing above Robin Thicke’s own track ‘Magic’. The final track on the EP is a reworking of Gordhan’s hit ‘Teasin’’. The remix by Peter Hunnigale transforms the track into a feel-good reggae tune perfect for the summer months.

Sheila Gordhan continues to work on her highly anticipated ‘Gemstones’ album. A project she has been working on since 2006, the album is soon to be unleashed to her international audience.

No Lies’ will be available to download on September 30th. Listen to the EP here:


For more information contact Vicky Berry on [email protected] or phone 01223 844440.

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