Resonance’s new single ‘Mister Policeman’ on its way March 24th

One of a couple of UK singles in the offing, ‘Mister Policeman’ (not Mr Policeman, this is all important) is the work of UK singer-songwriter Resonance, aka Radhika Rathinasab?apathy. Powered by an almost percussive funk guitar line that runs throughout, this is a raw, independent treat of a track.

Displaying a penchant for some nice 7ths and 9ths in the lead guitar chord pattern, the bassline in the verse should also not be underestimated. Both bass and rhythm/lead guitars intertwine and split at various points to create an effective counterpoint to one another. It’s all backed by a drum performance which has real technique and touch to it.

Finally, the vocal. There’s something pure and unpretentious about this. No flicks, no tricks, just a simple melody.

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