Review: Songs for Mr Sloane album ‘It Is What It Is’

Songs for Mr SloaneAvailable now from iTunes, ‘It Is What It Is’ is the new album from Songs For Mr Sloane – a supremely talented bunch of musicians whose approach to genre is as fluid as their songs.

With a host of musicians and influences from different backgrounds, Songs For Mr Sloane are tough to categorise, and thus hard to describe. It’s a blend of genres, from pop, to funk (particularly the title track), to jazz, to indie and more. Not even individual songs can be tied down, many of them shading in their lines with different styles over the course of their short running times.

The two things that tie it all together are the quality and originality. Whether in a more thoughtful mode, or going for full on comic story telling, Songs For Mr Sloane are comfortable in all environments. The best way to get to know this isn’t reading a review, it’s by taking the time to listen, take it all in and see what joys you can find there.

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