Savvy – new single ‘Powerskills’ out now – feat. Russell Lissack (Bloc Party) and Joel Pott (Athlete

Available now on iTunes (order here), the new single from Savvy is the latest sign that the UK rapper is on the rise. Making a name for himself by rapping with a live band rather than looped tracks (giving rise to the label Brit-hop), Savvy’s reputation is on the rise.

Savvy vid

So much so that his latest single sees him bringing on board a couple of high profile names for ‘Powerskills’, fellow artists who have been impressed with his work.

Featuring Russell Lissack of Bloc Party (guitar) and Joel Pott of Athlete (vocals), ‘Powerskills’ really does give a great indication that there’s talent to be found here. But don’t take our word for it, check out the video for yourself:

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