Seventhly set to release self titled EP through Reel Me Records November 18th

Seventhly is a new project from Singer Kesty Morrison and Hip Hop producer Sir Beans OBE, now signed to Reel Me Records. Blending Beans edgy beats and smooth production with Kesty’s soulful vocals and gentle lyricism Seventhly creates a unique sound at once powerful and soft, passionate yet subtle. Moody, atmospheric listening to savour.
Kesty Morrison is a hard working vocalist who has performed all over the world including Germany, Hong Kong, India and Brazil. She has sung for The Royal Shakespeare Company and for Theatre Uncut at The Young Vic in London. She has also worked with Mercury award nominee Sam Lee, Breakbeat legends CCQ and Roots legends Dub from Atlantis Sir Beans OBE is a name that has been synonymous with the Bristol Hip Hop scene for a very long time now. Over the years he has played his part as the D.J. and producer for local groups such as Transcript Carriers (who later became Parlour Talk), Undivided Attention and a list of collaborations, including, Portishead, Def Tex, Aspects, London legends – Gunshot and RCA Records artist, Jem.

His turntable and production skills have gained him recognition across the UK. This, his latest project with Kesty, is a side step from all of his releases to date but still has his signature sample-laden sound, with a couple of scratches thrown in for good measure!

‘Seventhly’ will be available from all good digital outlets. Free download taster – ‘Robot, You’ by Seventhly:

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