Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Car

Thinking of selling your car? Investing in a few last minute improvements could help to add hundreds to the value of your vehicle. Here are just a few quick and easy modifications that could allow you to charge more when selling, allowing you to make a tidy profit.

Get it professionally detailed

Detailing involves thoroughly cleaning every inch of a car from the wheels to the interior, as well as adding some finishing such as polishing the wheels and waxing the bodywork. It’s an effective way of making an old car look brand new and it can add a huge amount to the vehicle’s value. Detailing the car yourself could save you money, but it’s a lot of work if you want it done to a high spec. For this reason, you may feel it’s more convenient to hire a professional to do it for you.  Besides, professional valets will know exactly which products to use to help buff up an interior leather seat or get a chrome wheel sparkling.

Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Car
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Fix up small dents and scratches

Dents and scratches will take a huge chunk of your car’s value. Consider getting any minor scratches and bumps repaired by a mechanic. There may be some scratches that you can get rid of yourself simply by using the toothpaste trick. As for bumps, it’s possible to use a plunger or a vacuum cleaner in some case. You could even consider buying a cheap dent kit for £12.99 online.

Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Car

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Replace the headlight bulbs

Headlight bulbs tend to dim over time. Replacing them with bright new ones could make a dramatic difference without costing a huge amount. Changing these bulbs is a fairly simple DIY task – there are Youtube tutorials that can guide you through if you’re uncertain about it.

Add new floor mats

There’s no use in thoroughly cleaning your interior only to cling onto those dirty and battered floor mats. Get rid of your old floor mats and add some new fresh, clean ones. You can buy decent floor mats online for less than £20.

Invest in a private number plate

A private number plate can make a car feel more individual and could push the value up (providing the number plate isn’t anything too controversial). You’ll find plenty of deals online. Check out this special offer – private number plates at just £22.99 plus fees. Once you’ve bought a plate, you’ll need to register it online.

Get your paperwork in order

It’s important that you have all your paperwork in order when selling your vehicle. This can make you more credible as a seller and could therefore allow you to charge more. Documents may include proof of purchase, outstanding finance and a V5C certificate.

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