Single review – Nuborg, ‘You You’ out now

Written by singer Gunhild Nyborg (aka Nuborg) alongside established pop hit writers Martin Sutton (LeAnn Rimes, Backstreet Boys) and Ron Roker (Tina Charles) during a scenic songwriting session in the Andalusian Mountains, ‘You You’ is a soulful little pop song with excellent production.

You can see the video above:



Musically speaking, there’s plenty to enjoy here. It’s a song with a message, but one that is simple and doesn’t drag on so long that it outstays its welcome. It makes its point and then leaves the listener to ponder its meaning. Have a listen and see if you can pick it up…

Constructed around spaced out notes on the electric guitar and a melodic vocal that shares qualities with the likes of Sarah McLachlan, this is a truly top quality pop song. With any luck, it will be heard in the right place and at the right time and earn Nuborg the recognition she deserves before her debut album release in August.

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