Spring Breakers

So I have just watched Spring Breakers….what can I say… it was disappointing, it was not surprising in any way, it was an excuse for boobs and girls kissing each other.

I suppose the trailer did warn me it would be lots of girl on girl affection, but as a fan of Harmony Korine’s earlier work i decided to give it a try.
Where Kids was haunting and a little naive this was clumsy and farcical….where Gummo was disturbing and confusing this was pointless and gratuitous, from start to finish. All great movies should make you feel something; with this I was often bored.
When watching a movie I try to pick out at least one good part….but with this one I struggle. It was a poor effort, it was even lacking in any moral message. So I am wracking my brain for something positive to say.

Here is my positive in a sea of negative… It was a great idea poorly executed. When the girls are rescued by Alien James Franco this is when the movie could have improved, it could have made us feel faiths nervous unease.. instead that scene was over too quickly and Faith was gone, harmony took no risks played it too safe, it lacked any grit.
I was glad to see that even though Selena Gomez was in this movie, she didn’t sink to depravity such as former Disney star Vanessa Hutchens, with her desperate plea to break away from her former virginal image.
So watch for yourself as you should all make your own decisions.
And answer me this:
Has Harmony gone soft?
All Powerful Jeanie

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