Steve Rich and The Hills to release exceptional new single ‘Someday Someday’

Having been named “Neil Young on narcotics” by The Dublin Castle, Steve Rich is the hidden gem on the folk scene, but not for long.

Having spent most of his late teens and early twenties in a haze of substance abuse, Rich channeled his energies into his music which is reflected in his songs. Singing honest tales of past experiences in his life so far, Rich weaves his narrative that fills your mind with vivid images.


Fresh from the legendary stage of The Troubadour, Rich set straight to work on his newest release ‘Someday Someday’. After hearing Steve Earle playing the mandolin on his song ‘Dixieland’, Rich was inspired, so much so that he went out and bought one for himself. After a couple of weeks of teaching himself the chords, Rich sat down in front of a stunningly picturesque sun set in the south of France and thus, ‘Someday Someday’ was born. The beauty of the sun set influenced the chilled out vibe and lyrics to the song.

Someday Someday’ is a delightful blend of soft folk and honest lyrics, a combination that never fails to impress. The soft, soothing vocals combined with the steady pulse of the bass and dusty bash of the drums makes for a truly flawless track. In fact, a track you can imagine listening to in front of an incredible sunset.

‘Someday Someday’ is released August 19th 2013

For more information contact Vicky Berry on [email protected] or phone 01223 844440

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