‘Tea & Sympathy’ by Billie Myers – released March 18th

The lead single from this album, ‘Wonderful’, is a fittingly titled track to hail the return of Billie
Myers to the musical arena. Over a decade has passed since her biggest hit to date (million
selling ‘Kiss The Rain’) and with any luck this new material will see her return to similar heights.

Those expecting Myers to fall back into her popular groove from yesteryear though may be surprised
to find her taking a different approach this time around. More artistic and more autonomous (she
now works independently and not with major label Universal), this is the work of an artist who is
enjoying a new freedom.

So what can you expect of that freedom? The ability to write to various styles and genres, and from
a host of different experiences. The aforementioned ‘Wonderful’ (out on the same day) is an upbeat,
catchy track about new love, while ‘You Wear Heaven’ takes the acoustic sound into darker territory,
replete with blues infused minor chords. These are just a couple of examples of how Myers has
moulded a singer-songwriter sound and made it her own. Long may it continue.

Article written by Rory Oscar

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