Telen Rodwell – Mr Million Miles Away – Out now – Borough Records

As we said when he released his previous single back in March, Telen Rodwell is an artist we’ll be keeping an eye on for several reasons. Not only is he a talented songwriter, but he’s a reminder to those who might berate pop music as ‘shallow’ that there are people out there who love to release music in this genre who aren’t squeezes through the rubber stamps and processes of the Cowell Factory.

Borough Records, the independent label who’ve shown the foresight and balls to support Rodwell as an unknown pop package should be applauded, and if this new single is anything to go by it won’t be too long until they start seeing the fruits of their labour.

Telen Rodwell Million

Like the last single, ‘Mr Million Miles Away’ is everything that solid pop should be – full of major chords and upbeat modes. The piano is very well captured, part of the excellent production throughout – something that carries during the full running time of album Shadowman too.

The chorus is where this song really soars though – the vocal runs smoothly over a lovely descending melody which is simple but effective, summing up the ample charms of this song.

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