Tenors of Rock cover ‘Brothers in Arms’ in memory of Danny Jones

Tenors of RockAn exciting vocal group who have toured the world with their mixture of pop, rock and vocal dexterity, Tenors of Rock are a talented bunch who have won fans wherever they’ve performed. Recently, the group were touched by the tragic on field death of international Rugby League player Danny Jones, and decided to help out where they could.

Their contribution has been the release of new single ‘Brothers in Arms’ – a cover of the classic Dire Straits track – with all proceeds going to support the surviving members of Danny’s family (two twin daughters and his wife).

Hear a snippet of the track here OR get it on iTunes now

You have to give respect when the world of music offers something to a good cause in this fashion, and if the track wasn’t emotional enough it’s given extra weight by the context.

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