The 3 Staples Of A Man From The Country

Those city slickers might think they have the best fashion sense, but let them think that; ignorance is bliss after all. The timeless fashion styles are always going to best anything modern society can throw up. Urban or streetwear is literally everywhere. It might have originated from London’s garage scene but now, if you go to New York or Tokyo you see all the young generation donning this style. However when you go out to the rural parts of merry old England, you see a classic style that has existed for many many years. The man of the country has always been brought to light when the Royal Family go off to the stately manor houses and wear splendid jackets, boots, shirts and hats. If you are trying to understand the style of the ‘man of the country’ then you should take to heart these 3 staples.

The rustic icon

Of all the items in the countryside fashion style, there is one thing that stands out the most. It’s the most recognisable piece of clothing, and of course it’s the rustic bodywarmer. It’s essentially designed along the lines of a sleeveless vest, but with a very practical purpose. The material used is high tech, with woven fibres and also natural materials like wool and cotton mixed in. The bodywarmer is also designed to be a windbreaker on the outside, but also act like a fleece from the inside. Many farmers and hunters will wear this jacket with traditional leather belts while out on their daily business in the countryside. Usually you will find it is best worn in either a muddy brown or a rustic green.

A tipping gesture

From the poor man to the rich man, the classic tweed cap is timeless. The countryside has many different kinds of people working and living in it’s realm. The farmers that will work all day, occasionally taking their hat off to wipe the sweat from their brow and the rich who will take their beloved dogs out for a brisk morning walk all wear the same thing. These are the traditional tweed caps for country men, flat and with a deep nape and crown this kind of cap can fit any head shape. It’s also made out of 100% pure lambswool and brilliant 100% British milled tweed. It’s also designed to be moisture and stain resistant.

Up to your knees

Remember as a kid you would wear wellies and splash around in puddles because you knew how tough and strong they were? Knee high wellies are the stereotypical image of country fashion. They are designed to be tough and rustic, able to withstand muddy fields, gritty puddles and rocky hills. If you are determined to buy some wellies, knee high are the best choice as they also protect your trousers from damage or staining.

The man of the country is timeless in fashion. All others will take from it but won’t be able to surpass it. Some things just stand the test of time and the classic tweed cap has that honour. The bodywarmer is another staple that you should invest in to get the authentic man of the country style down.

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