The Best TVs to Buy in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

As we enter 2024, the television market continues to evolve with cutting-edge technologies and improved performance. Whether you’re looking for stunning picture quality, immersive gaming experiences, or smart features, there’s a TV to suit every need and budget. Here’s an in-depth look at the top TVs to consider this year.

Best Overall TV: LG C4 OLED

LG’s C-series OLED TVs have long been the gold standard for picture quality, and the C4 continues this tradition with some notable improvements. Despite lacking the Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology found in higher-end models, the C4 delivers noticeably brighter and sharper images than its predecessor. Key features:

  • Excellent colour accuracy and vibrant HDR performance
  • Improved brightness for better daytime viewing
  • Enhanced gaming features, including 4K/120Hz support and low input lag
  • Upgraded audio quality compared to previous models

The LG C4 offers a perfect balance of picture quality, features, and value, making it the top choice for most viewers in 2024.

Best Premium TV: Samsung S95D QD-OLED

For those seeking the absolute pinnacle of TV technology, Samsung’s S95D QD-OLED is the one to beat. This TV combines the deep blacks of OLED with the enhanced brightness and colour volume of Quantum Dot technology. Standout features:

  • Exceptional contrast and colour performance
  • New anti-glare technology for improved viewing in bright rooms
  • Advanced gaming features, including FreeSync Premium Pro
  • Sleek design with Samsung’s One Connect box for clean cable management

While it comes at a premium price, the S95D delivers unparalleled picture quality for discerning viewers and home cinema enthusiasts.

Best Mid-Range Option: Sony A80L OLED

Sony’s A80L OLED TV offers excellent performance at a more accessible price point. It’s particularly noteworthy for its superior motion handling and upscaling capabilities. Key strengths:

  • Outstanding picture accuracy and natural colours
  • Excellent motion processing for sports and action content
  • Acoustic Surface Audio+ for immersive sound
  • Google TV smart platform with wide app support

The Sony A80L is an excellent choice for those who want top-tier OLED performance without breaking the bank.

Best LED TV: Samsung QN90D Neo QLED

For viewers who prefer LED technology or require a brighter TV for well-lit rooms, the Samsung QN90D Neo QLED is a standout option. It uses mini-LED backlighting for improved local dimming and contrast. Notable features:

  • Exceptional brightness for HDR content and daytime viewing
  • Impressive contrast and black levels for an LED TV
  • Excellent gaming features, including 4K/120Hz support
  • Anti-reflective screen for versatile placement

The QN90D offers a compelling alternative to OLED, especially for those concerned about burn-in or who watch TV in very bright environments.

Best Budget TV: TCL C845K QLED

TCL has made a name for itself with high-performance TVs at affordable prices, and the C845K QLED continues this trend. It offers impressive picture quality and features typically found on more expensive models. Key advantages:

  • Excellent value for money
  • Quantum Dot technology for vibrant colours
  • Local dimming for improved contrast
  • Google TV smart platform with voice control

For budget-conscious buyers who don’t want to compromise on features or performance, the TCL C845K is an excellent choice.

Best for Gaming: LG G4 OLED

While many of the TVs mentioned above offer excellent gaming features, the LG G4 OLED takes it a step further. It combines LG’s top-tier OLED panel with a suite of gaming-specific features. Gaming-centric features:

  • 4K/120Hz support on all HDMI ports
  • VRR, ALLM, and FreeSync Premium Pro
  • Extremely low input lag
  • Game Optimizer menu for fine-tuning gaming settings

The G4 also boasts improved brightness over its predecessor, making it an excellent all-rounder for both gaming and general viewing.

Considerations When Buying a TV in 2024

When shopping for a new TV, keep these factors in mind:

  1. OLED vs LED: OLED offers superior contrast and viewing angles, while LED TVs can get brighter and may be better for well-lit rooms.
  2. Size: Choose a size that fits your space and viewing distance. 55-inch to 65-inch TVs are popular choices for many living rooms.
  3. Resolution: 4K is now standard, with 8K still being a niche option. Ensure your TV supports 4K for future-proofing.
  4. HDR: Look for TVs that support multiple HDR formats, including HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.
  5. Smart features: Consider the smart TV platform and ensure it supports the streaming services you use.
  6. Gaming features: If you’re a gamer, look for TVs with HDMI 2.1 ports, VRR, and low input lag.
  7. Sound quality: While external speakers or a soundbar are recommended for the best audio experience, some TVs now offer impressive built-in sound systems.

As TV technology continues to advance, 2024 offers an exciting range of options for every type of viewer. Whether you prioritise picture quality, gaming performance, or value for money, there’s a TV that will meet your needs and enhance your viewing experience.

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