The elusive BTMX Releases EPs “BTMX 01-03”

Retro-styled electronic musician BTMX has released his first three EPs for free on-line.

Hailing from Northern England, the enigmatic BTMX has been releasing music steadily to a dedicated following of fans for two years. Taking influence from contemporary artists re-visiting the past such as Com Truise, Boards of Canada, and Ford & Lopatin, BTMX’s music comes across as a love letter to late-80s/early-90s music and culture. Anyone familiar with home computing and the underground computing scene in the late 80s and early 90s will find much to appreciate in his work, as will anyone after a fresh take on the 80s new wave & synthpop movements.


The identity of BTMX remains elusive, with anonymity playing a key part in the BTMX ideal. Finding his music resonating with an on-line audience, BTMX chose to release his music freely to his fans. In an age where attention is more readily placed upon the musician rather than the music, BTMX stands apart in letting the music – and the emotions portrayed therein – speak for themselves. Playing with notions of an idealised fantasy and the dangers therein, the themes portrayed in the music of BTMX deftly move between both curiously menacing and lovingly inviting.

With the release of BTMX EPs 1-3, the future looks bright for this up and coming artist.

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