The Hallmarks of a Modern (Hu)man

The concept of the modern human will change from time to time. That’s the whole fun of it, dealing with the trends and ideas of today. So, anno 2019, what are some of the main things the modern will be sporting or considering? Here are some of the topics that will be high on the agenda.

Embrace Tech

Wearable tech is something that should be high on anyone’s list. We are getting to the point where this tech is starting to make sense and goes beyond just being a gimmick. For someone waiting to get into this, a smartwatch is usually a good start. It’s the little things that make it worthwhile, such as being able to see an incoming message quickly without having to get your phone out. Getting a quick little buzz on your wrists is much more subtle than the same buzz from your phone. Wearable tech such as a smartwatch should be on everyone’s radar.

The Hallmarks of a Modern (Hu)man


Smart Maintenance

This day and age, we are too busy to do things like our granddads and great-granddads did things. Car maintenance is one of those things. Obviously, if you are a deft hand and secret mechanic, this would be more of a hobby. For all the other men, we are just interested in making sure our car drives when it’s supposed to. Doing maintenance is the last thing we want to be doing. For those who share this opinion, it might be wise to check the local garage if they offer things such as maintenance plans. Angus MacKinnon provides precisely that, taking care of the all-important maintenance while you are ensured to have a thoroughly checked through car at any time.

The Hallmarks of a Modern (Hu)man


Shielding from Modern Distractions

A good set of cans to listen to music is nowadays more a commodity than a luxury item. What you want are some good noise-canceling headphones, preferably wireless, to be able to close off the world and focus and/or relax with. In the world of constant blips, dings, and buzzes, it might be tough to concentrate or relax. What you will want is to completely close off the distractions and be able to immerse yourself or have the music to drown out everything else. Get yourself some over-the-ear cans that are comfortable. Getting them wireless is even better as it gives you the freedom to move around.


The modern human can’t really survive without considering the modern risks we face. Identity theft and skimming are ones that can be extremely damaging. The modern human will have a sensible password policy, using multiple passwords or tools to ensure they are as secure as possible. Also, make sure that all cards that work with NFC technology are adequately shielded, so no ill-wishers have the chance to skim information from them. The modern human will maneuver new tech with confidence, eager to embrace new things, but always with a very healthy dose of common sense and critical thinking. You see, being modern is all about putting one foot in the future while holding on to what’s essential from the past.

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