The Man’s Man’s Guide To Enjoying UFC (Without Getting In The Octagon)

Now you may well be dying to jump into the octagon and test your mettle against some of the most physically fit and robust fighters out there, but you certainly don’t have to, to enjoy the sport of UFC. In fact, it’s entirely possible to delight in this macho show of skill and stamina from the comfort of your own home. If you follow the rules below that is.

Learn the rules

The first rule of fight club is: to learn the rules. Confused yet? Well, not to worry because unlike a lot of other sports out there the rules of UFC are relatively easy to grasp.

In essence, the basics are that pretty much anything goes apart from eye gouging and biting. That means moves from a variety of different martial arts can be used to defeat a fighter’s opponent. Something that makes it a thrilling, edge of your seat type experience, even when watching from home.

However, like any other official sport, there are some additional rules that are laid down in stone, which you can find more about here. However, really, to enjoy this sport, all you need to know is that one guy is trying to prove he is better at fighting than the other one in the ring.

The Man’s Man’s Guide To Enjoying UFC (Without Getting In The Octagon)

Know the history

Next, when it comes to enjoying a sport and getting really into it, a lot of guys like to know the history.

Luckily, you can find out about UFCs origins online, although for those wanted a super quick rundown is was started by Royce Gracie and Art Davies in 1993 because they wanted to test which martial art was the most effective. The spits of this, being something you can still experience in the sports today, even if it is from your armchair!

Have a flutter

For many of us, having a flutter on the outcome of a UFC match can help up the ante and the enjoyment. The problem with this is that if you guys don’t end up getting a pummelling, your not only out of luck but money as well.

That is why it can be useful to use tactics like these beat the bookie strategies that you can find online. Then you get the thrill of making a bet and getting more involved in the action, but know that you are much more likely to come out with a profit as well.

Pick a side

Lastly, if you plan on enjoying UFC without entering the ring, it’s always a great idea to research into the top fighters like Conor McGregor and pick one to root for throughout the season.

After all, having someone whos’ progress, wins, and losses you can follow through the season can help keep things interesting, and it feels pretty good when they win as well. The best thing about picking a favourite though is that you can revel in their glory while they have to deal with the aftermath of the fight include bruises and grazes, while you’ll probably just have a mild hangover from all that beer you drunk!

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