The Perfect Motor-Related Gifts For Car Lovers

What can you get the petrol head in your life? If you’re stuck looking for Christmas gifts this year, why not buy your car-mad loved on something special this year? It’s easier than you think to pick up some car-related presents, so check out these gift ideas to surprise your motor obsessed loved one.

Car artwork

For some people, a car can be a work of art – so why not bring some real car art into their lives? Whether you choose to get them a framed photo of their own car or something a bit more classic – a piece of tasteful art to hang in the home (or the garage!) could be a welcome gift for any car enthusiast.

A personalised number plate

A personalised number plate is a great gift. Ideal for someone who’s just passed their test hit an important milestone or simply just to give them a more unique gift. Personalised number plates aren’t as expensive as you might think, and you can always get creative with numbers to makeup up some letters! Search for available options and pick the most suitable choice for your recipient.

A classic car driving experience

Who wouldn’t want to be James Bond for the day? A classic car experience is a great gift that will help create a lot of memories and offer a fantastic driving day out. You can find classic car driving experiences available on many different websites, and there’s bound to be a special deal or two available nearer to Christmas!

Perhaps if you’re feeling extra flush, you could even snap up a bargain on a genuine car from James Bond at auction!


The Perfect Motor-Related Gifts For Car Lovers

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Some car accessories

Some fun and funky car accessories could be the ideal gift to jazz up someone’s car. From some driving gloves to a smartphone car mount, there’s plenty of inspiration out there to suit all car lovers.

A car care kit

A car care kit is a thoughtful gift which shows you understand someone’s interests. If someone’s car is their pride and joy, then a car care kit could be just what they need to keep it pristine. You can buy ready-packaged car kits, or make your own by including:

  • A bucket
  • Car shampoo
  • A grit guard
  • Sponges
  • Wheel brush
  • Bin liners
  • De-icer
  • In-car scents

As an affordable but practical gift, a car care kit is ideal for anyone who loves their car.

Tickets to Formula 1

Now, this would have to be an extra special gift to give to someone, but it’s something that could be the trip of a lifetime for a car fan. From the British Grand Prix to the Belgian or French Grand Prix, there are some top destinations you can travel to so that you can experience some world-class action.

Buying the perfect present isn’t always easy, but when they’ve got a great interest like cars or motoring, there are different things you give to really make their day. What will you give the car enthusiast in your life?

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