The Pros and Cons of Buying New and Used Cars

Buying a new car can be tricky, and many people are torn between buying a brand new car or a used one from a dealer such as Affordable Cars. Like everything, there are pros and cons to buying either, and in this post, we are going to explore some of these to help you to make a choice.

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Pros of a new car

Warranty – If you choose to buy a new car, you will get a warranty with the vehicle. This means that if anything does go wrong with the vehicle during a specified period after you have purchased it, you know that your costs will be covered and that you can have it repaired or replaced, giving you peace of mind.

Reliability – Obviously, we expect a brand new car to be reliable.  All of the parts are brand new, and this will mean that the car should, theoretically,  last longer than a used car. This gives people peace of mind that they won’t be hit with huge repair bills weeks after buying their car.

Cons of a new car

Price – Obviously, the main problem with buying a new car is the fact that it will almost definitely cost a lot more than a used one which means many people simply can’t afford it.

Loss of value – New cars don’t hold their value for very long. Within a year,  you will see a tremendous amount of depreciation in terms of value.

Pros of a used car

Cost – The main attraction of a used car is the lower price. Most new drivers will choose a used car for their first vehicle because they are generally a lot cheaper and easier to get hold of.

It has already been tested – Manufacturers are putting all sorts of fantastic tech into new cars, which is great, but sometimes, it doesn’t quite work as planned. When you buy a second-hand car,  you are purchasing something with technology that has been tried and tested. Someone can testify that the technology works.

Cons of a used car

History – Whenever you buy a used vehicle, you can sometimes run the risk of buying one with a dodgy past. Sometimes, for an example, an innocent buyer can be tricked into buying a stolen vehicle, and if found, it can be impounded by the police, leaving you with no car and out of pocket. You avoid this by doing a history check with the HPI check and make sure the vehicle and seller are all above board.

Reliability – Older cars will generally be less reliable than a new one, simply they have been on the road for longer. Previous owners may not have driven them carefully or looked after them very well.

Choosing your car really is down to your personal and financial situation, and the model of the car that you are after,  but hopefully, these points will help you to make the right decision for you.

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