The Top 5 Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test

Your driving test can be very nerve-wracking because one simple mistake could mean that you fail. In some cases, it can’t be avoided and you’ll just have to take the test again. However, people tend to make the same mistakes in their driving tests, so if you know what to look out for, you stand a much better chance of passing. These are the most common reasons that people fail their driving test.

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Poor Observation At Junctions

When you stop at a junction, it’s vital that you look in all directions and make sure that it’s safe before proceeding. Even if there are no other cars close to you and you don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation, you will still be marked with a fault if you don’t take the time to check. This is one of the most important things that you learn during your driving lessons, but many people get complacent on roads that they know well. Even if you have been through that junction countless times and you are pretty certain that it will be clear, you still need to take the time to stop and check for potential hazards.

Moving Off Without Checking Surroundings

This is another one that comes down to poor observation skills. When you are parked at the side of the road and you move off, always check every direction for cars. If you pull out without checking for other cars, you will be marked with a fault. It’s particularly important to check your blind spots and always make sure that you indicate correctly.

Not Using Mirrors Correctly

Modern cars have all sorts of safety features in them, like automatic braking and lane assist, but your mirrors are still the most important. So many people fail their test because they are not using their mirrors correctly. It could be because you only used the rear view mirror and not the wing mirrors, or you sped up without checking your mirrors first. A lot of people get caught out because they use their mirrors too late as well. So, remember to always use your mirrors first before doing anything else and use all of them.

Bad Reverse Parking

During your test, you will be asked to perform a parallel park or reverse into a bay at the test centre. Make sure that you practice this a lot during your driving lessons because it can be tricky and many people get marked down for their poor reverse parking. If you misjudge the angle and you have to reposition the car, you will get a minor fault. However, if you lose control of the car in a significant way, you will get a serious fault.

Incorrect Response To Traffic Lights

Most people assume they know how to respond to traffic lights, but there are situations where people often get it wrong. Stopping at a green filter light even though it is safe to proceed, for example, will be marked as a fault. If you don’t stop in time and you extend into the cyclist section when waiting at a red light, you will be marked down for that as well, so don’t get complacent about traffic lights.

There are countless reasons that you might fail your test but these are the most common mistakes to look out for. If you are still learning and you are concerned about being prepared for your test, check out these tips to help you improve your skills.

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