The Top Five Lightweight Ultrabooks

Modern consumers are offered a great assortment of laptop computers. The latest invention of the laptop market are thin and lightweight notebooks. These devices create a new category of notebooks know as Ultrabooks. While comparing traditional laptops and modern ultrabooks, you will easily understand that the latter offer more advantages. Probably the most evident difference is the physical appearance of these devices. Ultrabooks are very slim (usually not thicker than a half inch) and weigh less than three pounds. Besides, they have an extended battery life (more than five hours) and feature the latest Intel technologies.
If you live an active life and dream of having a powerful and lightweight laptop computer, purchasing ultrabook is the wisest decision. The listed below overview of top 5 lightweight ultrabooks will help you learn more about these high-end devices.

Super Ultrabook Z330 from LG

This is where design and functionality merge together. The 13.3. inch ultrabook that weighs only 1.2 kg features top-line Core i7 processor, SSD drives that are significantly faster than HDD (in fact, it needs less than 10 seconds to boot). The device body is aluminum, so forget about cheap plastic! It has all connectivity features a modern ultrabook is supposed to have. In combination with 4GB or RAM and Intel HD 3000 Graphics, it’s a powerful device capable of solving any complex tasks, even hardcore gaming. Besides, dimensions 315.4 x 214.7 x 14.7 mm and weight 1.21 kg are just lovely! It’s a nice piece of technology overall!

UX31 Zenbook from Asus

This is perhaps the most popular ultrabook in 2012, at least it was promoted heavily. Zenbook entered a race with MacBook Air. This is something not every laptop manufacturer can afford. The name is just brilliant and renders ultrabook’s nature. Stay in peace with your mind. Everything’s zen! Let technology solve complex tasks for you. Zenbook packs a powerful i5 or i7 processor from Intel, has 4GB of RAM on board (you can easily add another 4), ports include Headphone; micro HDMI; mini-VGA, and of course, USB 3.0. Performance tests show that this set of equipment works pretty fast together. Oh, yeah, it has SSD drive, which means almost instantaneous boot.

Ultrabook Series 9 from Samsung

This 15-inch laptop functions on the base of Intel’s i5 Core 1.6Ghz processor and has Windows 7 on board. It is 20.32 mm thick and weighs 1.7Kg. In addition to its compact size, you will get HDMI port, high screen resolution (1600×900 pixels), Bluetooth, webcam and Wi-Fi. Speaking short, this high-end and feature-rich ultrabook can satisfy even the most particular requirements.

XPS 13 from Dell

This ultrabook combines features of a thin business notebook and a premium consumer laptop. The Dell XPS 13 has 13-inch display that is nearly borderless and therefore does not overload the backpack or table. Though the resolution is comparatively small in (1366×768), damaging the screen is virtually impossible because it has Corning Gorilla Glass covering. At the same time, this protection makes the screen more prone to reflections. Anoter drawback of this ultrabook is the absence of SD card slot.

Aspire S7 from Acer

This ultrabook is made of premium materials and offers high-end specs. It is thin, lightweight and has a full HD touchscreen. Aspire S7 features Core i7 processor and has Windows 8 on board. Processor speed is 1.9GHz. A relatively short battery life is among the main disadvantages.
Each model deserves your consideration. The choice will depend on your needs, preferences and budget.

This review is written by Aleksey who has already tested dozens of laptops. He knows exactly what a modern ultrabook should look like (including specs, of course). Please, take a look at the best laptop computers at his site and feel free to have your say!

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