The Ultimate Guide To Strengthening Your Core

The Ultimate Guide To Strengthening Your Core

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You might be returning from injury, heading back to the gym after a short break or simply taking up a new sport. The core of your body is an essential, yet often overlooked aspect to your physical fitness. With a strong core, your balance, endurance, and skills set can be enhanced. Yes, you might still want to increase the bicep curls, focus on your calves and partake in a 5k run or two every week, but it might pay off to spend some time focusing on your core stability. This may help you ward off a bad back in the future, those encroaching aches and pains that come with age, and help you to maintain your physical fitness. Take a look at this guide to help you to strengthen your core.


While sit ups and crunches still have their place when trying to perfect the ideal Adonis like physique with rock solid abs and a lean frame, you shouldn’t neglect the humble plank. Being able to support your body weight for as long as possible on your elbows and toes while in a straight position will make that lactic acid build and your arms tremble. All the while, your core muscles will be building mass and becoming stronger leading to greater inner stability. This is a simple exercise that you can do every morning and evening in your own home, so don’t think you need to head to the gym to hone your core on any expensive equipment.

Slow It Down

You might be used to powerful high impact exercises that get your adrenaline pumping and your endorphins raging. However, to strengthen your core you may want to look for a more relaxed approach. By checking out OriGym’s guide of history of pilates, you will see how this gentler, yet ancient exercise will enhance your core. Focusing on posture, breathing and putting your core at the centre of every exercise, you will feel reinvigorated yet shattered at the end of every session. With pilates groups popping up everywhere and for all sorts of clientele from mums-to-be to rugby players, you should consider getting in on the action.

Get The Experts In

With the influx of personal trainers and twenty four hour gyms adorning the fitness market, it might be worth looking into getting the professionals on board if you’re struggling with your core fitness. A personal trainer will look at all aspects of your physical well being from your nutrition to your exercise strengths and will formulate a fitness plan to help you achieve your long term exercise goals. Alternatively, you could partake in a core strengthening class or two that your gym might run to help set you on the right path.

While all aspects of your fitness are important, including your strength and endurance, you need to keep one eye on your core. By having a more well rounded approach to your gym visits, you will be able to ward off long term injuries, niggles and pains more effectively.

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